Word Loot

To open the safe, all you have to do is change one 5 letter word to another – one letter at a time. Each letter change has to result in a valid English word. For example, if you are starting with the word “safer” and are trying to change it to “tubes” you could play “safeS”, “saXes”, “Taxes”, “tUxes” and end with “tuBes”.

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Fine tune how you want to play with 3 settings – play mode, how many word pairs it takes to open the safe and the difficulty level for each word pair. We’ve provided a few dozen word pairs to get you started. After that the game will choose random, commonly used words to give you!

So go ahead and give it a spin. We promise you you’ll spend the next several hours totally hooked!

If you are having issues with Word Loot, please give us a shout on our Feedback page.  Just mention ‘Word Loot’ in the Subject line.