Do a Maze

Do A Maze is an easy way to play and create games.  While playing, tilt your device to move the red ball to the green ball while avoiding all the enemies. Games can be found on the internet or included as attachments you might send or receive in emails or texts.  To create a game all you have to do is draw a maze with your finger, place game pieces where they should start and choose paths for the enemy pieces to follow. Do A Maze even keeps up with your best times for each game.

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If you are sharing your games, your friends will need to get Do A Maze to play them.  It costs nothing to play and create games.  And Do A Maze doesn’t contain any ads.  The only catch is a one time purchase if you want to create games with more than 2 enemies.

Do A Maze comes with some games we made with the app.  So go ahead and give them a try.  Then, let your creative juices flow by doing your very own games to play and share!

If you are having issues with Do a Maze, please give us a shout on our Feedback page.  Just mention ‘Do a Maze’ in the Subject line.

Choose Copy after holding finger on game then Play in Do a Maze app
These are new/unpublished games:

B.png        Strand.png

These games are included with the app:

A.png        LoneHuman.png
Underground.png        Sticky.png