Poker 3-5-7

You are the last human. The robots have captured you and placed you here, where every discontinued robot comes to be recycled.

This is their basement. This is their game. Can you survive?

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Poker 3-5-7 is a mind blowing variation of human poker with each hand consisting of 3 rounds where players, in turn, declare in or out. Only players who declare in get to see that round’s showdown. Occasionally, as the game progresses, a player (that includes you) may be forced to declare a certain way – no matter how distressing that may be. Add to that alternating wild cards, an ever increasing pot, flying chips and wisecracking robots that have a general dislike for you and you’ve got one frustratingly entertaining game. Oh, did we mention, the winner is the only one that doesn’t get crushed?

Here are a few clips from a Poker 3-5-7 game where the robots were especially talkative:

Poker 3-5-7

If the game is acting inappropriately, tap Settings from the menu and choose Reset. WARNING: This will clear everything, like Statistics and what the robots have already said. It will be like playing the game for the first time, but will probably fix any problems you may encounter. If that didn’t work, you can always try talking to a human by giving us some feedback.