Talking Score Keeper

Getting frustrated with all the other score keeping apps out there? Tired of your phone circulating around the table just so every player can check their score? You don’t know exactly what Uncle Jake has been through, but you certainly don’t want any of it getting all over your phone!

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Well, say hello to Talking Score Keeper – or maybe it should say hello to you!  It’s the only app that announces who’s turn it is, their score, how much they need to get to be in first place and much more.  It’s all customizable in an easy, intuitive interface.

And with the Tally feature, Talking Score Keeper can even be used with games that allow multiple scores in a single turn.  These points can either be added to the total or surrendered, depending on the rules of the game.

So go ahead and download this great utility and be confident you will never have to read anyone’s score to them ever again.

If you are having issues with Talking Score Keeper, please give us a shout on our Feedback page.  Just mention ‘Talking Score Keeper’ in the Subject line.